Winter 2016 – West Asia and the Middle East

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Join us as we explore the music of West Asia and the Middle East!

AATW-West-Asia-and-Middle-East-mapExperience a pilgrimage to Mecca, learn what “Ya habibi” means in Arabic (and why it seems to be in almost every Arabic language song!), feel silly as you try to belly dance, and celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year, all while singing, playing, and having fun with your kids.  The Middle East can be a difficult area of the world for us grown-ups.  If we come from a Western musical background ourselves, we might find the minor keys depressing, the quarter-tone intervals (which are smaller than Western half step intervals) out of tune, and the heavily ornamented melodies confusing.  Not to mention that Middle Eastern culture in and of itself is a mystery to us—full of conflict, if you follow the news.  Our kids do not come with these hang-ups at all, however!  They approach the music, and the culture, of the Middle East (which is really an amalgam of many cultures, traditions, ethnicities, and religions, all packed into thousands of years of history), with the open-mindedness of, well, children!

Each class is 45 minutes long. We start the class with the Hello Song, and then sing about more three songs seated on the floor. This activity includes patting, clapping, hand motions, or rocking, rowing, swaying and wiggling.

Next we do an “up and around the room” song, where we fly, swim, bounce, hop, spin, tiptoe, run or dance around the room. After this, we do about two songs using instruments such as drums, claves (sticks), shaker eggs or tambourines.

By now, it is time for a little free movement, so we get out the scarves and dance, twirl or play peek-a-boo while listening to authentic music from today’s focus country. There is usually one or two more songs after scarves, often a lullaby to soften the mood and pace.

Next comes the “Experience.” During the Experience, we learn a dance, or act out a custom or holiday celebration that comes from our focus country, while listening to traditional music. We end class with a free “playalong,” where kids choose an instrument and play to music, followed by the Goodbye Song, and High 5’s all around.

Class Schedule for Winter 2016

There are nine (9) classes in the winter 2016 session. You can choose to attend either a Wednesday or Saturday session each week. Each class is 45 minutes long.

Wednesday class
(infant to 3 years)
Starts at 10:00 am
Saturday class
(all ages)
Starts at 10:30 am
Week 1,
Israel / Palestine
January 20 January 16
Week 2,
January 27 January 23
Week 3,
Saudi Arabia
February 3 January 30
Week 4,
February 10 February 6
Week 5,
Mid-Winter Break
February 13
Week 6,
February 17 February 20
Week 7,
February 24 February 27
Week 8,
March 2 March 5
Week 9,
Southern Caucuses
March 9 March 12
Week 10,
March 16 March 19

Early-bird pricing
(good through January 1, 2016)
$99 for one sibling
$135 for two (2) siblings

Regular pricing
(starting January 2, 2016)
$135 for one sibling
$171 for two (2) siblings

What our happy parents say...

  • "This is a fantastic program. Elizabeth is just amazing!!!... The class absolutely has value. The curriculum and instructor far exceed the skill and musical level of any other class I’ve tried."


If you have any questions, please give us a call. We are happy to assist.

425.250.8990 office
206.755.6228 cell/text

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