Samse Studios Drum Lesson Policies

Below are the policies for Samse Studios drum lessons. These policies are intended to ensure that we all understand our responsibilities, how payments work, schedule changes and what is expected in order to get the most out of the learning experience. Please review these policies. When you register for lessons, we will ask you to sign a copy indicating that you have reviewed and approved the policies. We look forward to seeing you and getting started on this musical journey.

Teacher’s Responsibilities

The teacher will provide weekly private lessons to the student, to which he will be punctual and prepared. The teacher is in attendance at this weekly lesson whether or not the student is. The teacher will provide advice and expertise at any time it is required regarding the purchase of any drum set, equipment, or other percussion instrument. When a student / family has purchased a new drum set, the teacher will schedule a time, at his and the family’s convenience, to tune and set up the set. There is no fee for this service.


Payment is due monthly, in advance, by the first of the month.  There will be an annual non-refundable registration fee of $60 due each October (or when the student initially begins lessons), as well as a one-time, refundable deposit for the last two lessons. The latter will be refunded in the event the teacher is provided with written notice of the discontinuation of lessons at least fifteen days in advance. In the absence of 15-day written notice, the deposit will not be refunded.

Quarterly Payments Option

There is an option to pay quarterly, in which case both the annual registration fee and the last 2 weeks deposit will be waived. Quarterly payments are due:

Session Session Beginning Due Date
Fall Quarter October 1st September 15th
Winter Quarter January 2nd December 15th
Spring Quarter Approximately
April 1st
March 15th
Summer Quarter Approximately
June 15th
June 1st


Summer lessons may be billed individually, based on number of lessons the family prefers, however there is a higher per-lesson charge (see rate sheet). Families wishing to enroll for the full summer will pay the normal monthly (or quarterly) rate, based on two and one-half months (mid-June through August.)

Lesson Attendance / Punctuality / Preparedness

Students are expected to arrive on time to lessons, and to have their sticks and books at each lesson.  Regular attendance is of utmost importance. If a student is ill, however, they are asked to please stay at home. (See missed lesson policy below.) Students must prepare their lesson assignments thoroughly each week. The general recommendation for practice is approximately 30 minutes per day, although individual exceptions to this may exist for temporary periods of time. Parents are requested to remain in consistent communication with the teacher on this subject. Students who are often ill-prepared for their lesson will be given a probation period, with full disclosure to parents, and if no improvement is made, will be asked to discontinue lessons.

Missed Lessons—Teacher

In the event the teacher must cancel lessons (illness, the illness of a child, etc.), students will be notified by email as soon as possible. Anyone not replying to the email will be given a phone call.  If a make-up cannot be arranged that is suitable to both the teacher and the student / parent, the lesson will be credited to the following month’s (or quarter’s) payment.

Missed Lessons—Student

Periodically, your lesson will fall on a day in which there are 5 lessons in one month.  When this occurs, the 5th lesson day is make-up day. If the student has missed a lesson during the period since the last make-up, they may make it up at their usual lesson time on that 5th-week lesson day. If a student has not missed any lessons, they may receive a free lesson as a reward for perfect attendance (or in anticipation of lessons which may be missed in the future), or they may enjoy a week off. (Please notify the teacher of your choice.) Students missing too many lessons to be made up in this manner will not get additional make-up lessons. If this is a persistent problem, the student and parent should consider whether drum lessons are appropriate to the student’s lifestyle at this time.  However, certain hardship exceptions (extended illness / injury, family crisis, etc.) may be made at the teacher’s discretion.

Missed Lessons—Inclement Weather

Lessons may be cancelled due to inclement weather. This will usually be done when the Lake Washington School District cancels school. Exceptions to this will occur if the weather changes late in the day.  You will be notified as soon as possible in all weather-related cancellation cases. If it is, or may be snowing, please check email before coming to your lesson. Again, lessons missed due to weather will either be made up, or credited to the following month or quarter.

Drum Set or Practice Pad / Books / Materials

Students are required to have a quality practice pad and sticks of appropriate size, as recommended by the teacher (and, if applicable, drum set), in working order, appropriate to the level of player. A metronome and music stand are required for home practice. Books and music will be recommended by the teacher, and should be purchased promptly.

Lesson Termination

Fifteen days written notice is required to discontinue lessons. For those paying monthly, a partial month may also be refunded, counting any lessons falling 15 days after notification. The deposit on the last 2 weeks of lessons may also be refunded if notification is given. If notification is not given the deposit will be held. If you are paying quarterly, you may receive a refund for a partial quarter, for what remains of the quarter following the 15-day notification period.