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Summer 2017 / School Year 2017-2018

Session 2017
Beginning Ending
Summer Break June 24th July 4th
Summer Quarter July 5th
September 1st
Flute Boot Camp August 7th
(All regular lessons must be scheduled after 5pm or before 8am. No extra / second lessons available)
August 11th
Session 2017
Beginning Ending
Fall Break / Teacher Planning Week September 4th September 9th
Fall Quarter September 11th
No lessons Nov. 22-25
December 16st
Fall Group Lessons November 4th (tentative)
Other important Fall events
Youth symphony (BYSO, SYSO, CYSO, etc.) Auditions in September
All-State / Junior All-State Auditions in October
Horsfall Recordings Due in November
Fall Challenge Ice Cream Party November, TBA
Holiday Recital December (TBA)
Session 2018
Beginning Ending
Winter Break December 18th January 1st
WINTER QUARTER 2018 January 2nd
No lessons February 15-19
March 31st
Winter Group Lessons February 24th (tentative)
Other important Winter events
Horsfall January
Eastshore and Northlake Solo / Ens. Festivals February
Seattle Young Artists’ Music Festival March
Session 2018
Beginning Ending
Spring Break April 2nd  April 7th
Spring Quarter 2018 April 9th
No lessons Memorial Day, May 28
June 16th
Spring Group Lessons May 5th (tentative)
Other important Spring events
Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside, LWSD middle school Solo / Ens April
Spring Recital Late May / Early June (TBA)

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