All Around This World Class Policies


Music Fun for Little Ones, LLC, is a separate entity from All Around This World. Classes are taught under a licensing agreement with All Around This World. Payments will be made to Music Fun for Little Ones, LLC.


Payment for the full quarter is due by the first class of each quarter, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed to in writing by both parties. Returned checks will be charged a minimum of a $20 fee, or the amount charged to Music Fun for Little Ones, LLC by the bank, whichever is greater. Students / families having not paid or made payment arrangements by the second class of the quarter will be required to make payment immediately or drop the class. Music Fun for Little Ones, LLC will provide a class schedule which will determine the first class of each quarter. New enrollees may begin at any time. Quarterly payments will then be pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining in the current quarter.

Missed Classes / Make-ups 

Families are strongly encouraged to stay home due to illness. If your child is likely to be contagious, please do not bring them to class. You may make up a class by attending an extra class on a different day at any time during the quarter. Please contact the teacher beforehand to let her know when you plan to attend a make-up class.

Cancelled Classes

Classes may be cancelled for various reasons, such as teacher illness, or inclement weather. When this occurs, every effort will be made to inform families in a timely manner. However, Music Fun for Little Ones, LLC, cannot guarantee the ability to notify families prior to class. Please be sure to check your email and voice mail messages, especially if there may be bad weather. In the event a class is cancelled, you will be given either a make-up or a credit. Refunds will only be given in the event that it is not possible to provide either a make-up class, or a credit to the following quarter, and will be limited to the amount paid for the class, as a percentage of the total paid for the season.

Behavior / Class Etiquette

Please make an effort to arrive on time, and to participate, and encourage your child to participate enthusiastically. Children will act out at times. Please treat other class members with respect, and teach your child(ren) to do the same. Please be patient and understanding of other children in the event that they are disruptive from time to time. If a child is disruptive or unruly, the parent / caregiver must address the behavior with appropriate corrective or disciplinary measures. If these measures continue to fail, the child may need to be removed from class. Removal from class due to disciplinary problems will result in the forfeiture of that class session.

It will be impossible to completely prevent the spread of germs in the classroom. However, please try to avoid sharing musical instruments, coughing or sneezing on others, excessive hugging or kissing between non-siblings, or other activities that may spread germs. Use provided hand sanitizer when appropriate. Instruments will be sanitized between class sessions.