All Around This World

All Around This World is a curriculum designed to introduce kids of all ages to world culture and diversity through music.  Kids, along with their parents or classroom teachers, will explore the world region by region, culture by culture, and language by language, as they connect with each culture through the universal language of music.

Each “season” of All Around This World covers one general region of the world (or in some cases an overview season which samples a bit of everything), for a total of 12 seasons, which take three years to make the rotation.  Within each region, we highlight a specific country each week, while enjoying regional favorites again and again.

We offer the All Around This World curriculum in the following formats:

  • Parent / Child class, ages infant to 3 years
  • Parent / Child class, all ages
  • Onsite preschool or daycare classes, ages 2 to 5 – Contact us
  • Onsite elementary classes, grades K-3 – Contact us
  • Homeschool groups, ages 4-12 – Contact us

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All Around This World

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