Instrument Rentals

Don’t Have an Instrument? Unsure of Where to Start?

We offer instruments for rent. Renting your instrument is an excellent way to try out an instrument before you purchase. You only need pay the first month’s rent to get started.  You may continue renting, pay off the balance at any time and own, or you may return it after a minimum of three months if it just doesn’t seem like it is working out. If this is the right one for you, then 100% of your base rent applies to the purchase throughout the duration of your rental period.

Want a different instrument? No problem. Your rental credit is fully transferrable to a step-up instrument, a like-kind instrument (clarinet to saxophone for example), or a larger size as in the case of stringed instruments.

During your rental period, we provide regular ongoing service for that instrument. Service agreement, beginning at $7 a month, includes anything other than damage. In contrast, one trip to “the shop” can easily run $150 (depending on the instrument and what is wrong–but that’s just an average.) By renting, you don’t ever have to worry that you or your child is playing on an instrument that is in less than working order.

Consider renting and focus on the joy of learning to play an instrument.

Does Quality Matter in a Student Instrument?

Absolutely.  Beginning musicians may not know that the reason it sounds funny whenever they play an F, for example, is that the instrument isn’t working properly.  They will tend to assume the problem is their playing, and this often leads to unnecessary frustration, and quitting music altogether.  It is also especially important for young players to develop an ear for things like tone and pitch, and if they are playing an instrument that doesn’t allow them to do either well, they will not develop a strong musical foundation.  Besides, what parent wants to listen to any more screechy scratchy blatty sounds than absolutely necessary?  Wouldn’t it be nicer to have the student start to make pretty sounds as soon as possible?

Can we use Uncle George’s old clarinet that has been in the closet for 25 years?

Uncle George may remember his parents purchasing a “top-of-the-line” instrument 35 years ago.  And maybe they did—or maybe they didn’t.  Either way, NOW it may cost $300 or so–most likely more than it is worth–just to get it playing, and even then it probably won’t be great (barring certain “classic” instruments—which, if you DO happen to have one, you shouldn’t be sending it to school anyway!!)  All those moving parts do not improve over time.  Would you want your teenager driving around in a car that sat in someone’s garage for 25 years?

We found a great deal online!  Why not purchase that one?

Of course there are reputable online dealers.  BUT, if you found an instrument costing roughly ¼ that of what other student instruments are being sold for, you have probably found what band and orchestra directors call an ISO—Instrument Shaped Object.  These may or may not play decently out of the box, but on average after about 6 months will need some repair, and good luck finding a repair technician that will touch them because the construction is so bad they won’t survive the repair process. We work with skilled technicians to go through and make sure instruments are set up properly, and the sound quality checked before any instrument goes out the door. All these things need to happen AFTER shipping, because changes in climate and humidity all affect the setup of an instrument.

Is it time to step up your instrument?

If you have been taking lessons for about 2 or 3 years on your starter instrument, you may want to step-up your instrument. All of our intermediate level instruments are available for interest-free rent-to-own, or we also offer financing through First Mutual.  If you have already been renting a student instrument, you can apply 100% of your rental credit to the purchase of a higher-end instrument.

Metropolitan Music is located in Seattle and in Kirkland. Elizabeth Samse is the Director of Operations and Educational Services Metropolitan Music Services (Kirkland location). Metropolitan Music and Samse Studios are located at our Kirkland location. You can read more about Metropolitan instrument rentals on their web site.

Metropolitan Music

If you are interested in renting an instrument or just want more information, contact:

Elizabeth Samse
Director of Operations and Educational Services
Metropolitan Music Services
11815A 124th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
425.250.8990 office
206.755.6228 cell/text

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