At Samse Studios, we provide private music lessons, and children’s music classes. Independently operated by Eric and Elizabeth Samse, we specialize in drum and flute lessons. Elizabeth, an experienced musician and mother, is a licensed provider of the Philadelphia-based All Around This World music curriculum for young children. She brings a world of music to toddlers, preschoolers and their families through this award-winning music and program.

Here’s how we got here…
Back in 2000, Eric and Elizabeth both worked as sales associates, each in different branches, at a local music retailer. They met the day Eric walked into the store where Elizabeth worked to fill an order. A friendship began, dating followed, and then they married in 2004. Life brings changes and the couple left their retail jobs to focus full-time on teaching music. Since that time, they have taught and performed on the Eastside, while teaching their own kids to love music as well. Reagan, their oldest, plays piano and cello.  Nathaniel plays piano, and follows his dad’s footsteps on drums. Benjamin, the youngest, dreams of someday playing anything and everything.

Now, here we are. Connect with us and explore the possibilities. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your musical dreams.